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Roof Warranties Guide: Palm Coast & Daytona Beach

Investing in a new roof is a significant decision, and safeguarding that investment is paramount. Understanding the warranties associated with roof replacements empowers homeowners to make informed choices. Let’s explore the types of warranties available, focusing on both manufacturers’ guarantees and contractors’ assurances, tailored for residents of Palm Coast and Daytona Beach.

Manufacturers’ Warranties: Protecting Your Roof Materials

Manufacturers’ warranties, as the name suggests, are assurances provided by the manufacturers of the roofing materials used in your new or replaced roof. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Asphalt Shingles: In central Florida, asphalt shingles reign supreme, offering durability and aesthetic appeal. Manufacturers provide varying warranties based on the type of shingle. While traditional 3-tab shingles used to carry warranties of 15-25 years, modern architectural shingles boast warranties ranging from 30 years to a limited lifetime, translating to around 50 years or more.
  • Tile and Metal Roofing: Similar limited lifetime warranties are common for tile and metal roofing materials. These warranties typically remain in effect as long as the home remains under the ownership of the same individual. However, they are often transferable if the property changes hands, albeit with limitations on the duration.
  • Coverage: Manufacturers’ warranties primarily cover defects in the roofing material resulting from the manufacturing process. This includes issues like rapid granule loss, color changes, splitting, or cracking. Some warranties may extend coverage to weather events like wind or hail damage, albeit with specified limitations.
  • Registration: It’s crucial to register your new roof with the manufacturer to activate the warranty. Your contractor can guide you through this process, ensuring your warranty remains valid.

Labor or Workmanship Warranties: Ensuring Quality Installation

On the flip side, labor or workmanship warranties focus on the installation aspect of your roof. Here’s what you should know:

  • Contractor’s Responsibility: These warranties are provided by the contractor who installs or replaces your roof. They typically range from 3 to 10 years, with ten years being the most common duration.
  • Coverage: Labor warranties cover the cost of labor and materials involved in repairing any installation-related issues that may arise during the warranty period. However, they may not always cover material costs associated with repairs, so it’s essential to clarify the terms before signing a contract.
  • Effective Coverage: To avail of the warranty, you’ll need to contact the contractor who provided it. The warranty is typically effective only if the same contractor addresses any problems that arise.
  • Our Commitment: At Florida’s Best Roofing, Inc., we stand behind our work with a 10-year labor warranty on all roof replacements. We’re dedicated to ensuring the longevity and integrity of your roof.

Empowering Homeowners in Palm Coast and Daytona Beach

Armed with knowledge about roof warranties, homeowners in Palm Coast and Daytona Beach can confidently navigate roof replacement decisions. For any roofing needs in Flagler, Volusia, or St. Johns counties, reach out to Florida’s Best Roofing, Inc. at 386-263-7906 for a free estimate. Your peace of mind is our priority!

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