Palm Coast Roof Repair Services


In Florida more than anywhere else, your roof is constantly exposed to the elements. As a result, your roof unavoidably ages, and over time begins to wear down to the point where repairs might be necessary. Here are some things that cause wear on your roof:

  • Heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun age roofing materials. In Palm Coast, FL, your roof is constantly exposed to the Florida sun and intense heat, requiring repairs and attention over time.
  • Rainwater from one of our many Flagler storms or showers flowing under the shingles can cause rot and threaten the structural integrity of your roof.
  • High winds lift shingles, which allows rainwater and debris to collect underneath. Repairing and replacing shingles is extremely important to maintaining your roof in Palm Coast FL.
  • Tree branches can damage shingles, while leaves and other debris on the roof can retain moisture and cause rot. This rot, if left without repair, can cause major long-term problems for your Florida roof.
  • Missing or torn shingles diminish the integrity of the roof. This allows more shingles to be ripped off and blown away by wind and wear, posing a dangerous situation for your home.

It is very important to catch and repair roof damage early to prevent rot or wear from spreading to the rest of the roof and damaging its integrity altogether. Here are some signs that your Palm Coast roof may need repair:

  • Leaking in the attic or the top floor of the house.
  • Water stains on the ceilings.
  • Blistering on the ceiling and walls of the house or peeling paint.
  • Shingle debris in the gutters or on the lawn around the house.
  • Curling, blistering, or buckling shingles.
  • Temperature inconsistencies in your home (these can contribute to high energy bills).

If you notice any of the signs above in your home do not hesitate to call us. We will inspect your roof and give a free estimate for the required repairs!