New Roofs


What to look for in a contractor

  • A "contractor" is a person or business that has a license issued based on taking a competency test and/or meeting certain experience requirements as required by local or state authorities. This is not a business or occupational license that is obtained by paying a fee. A business or occupational license does not qualify a person or business to be a contractor.
  • When you need a roofer it is a good idea to get proposals from several different companies. Learn from each contractor that examines your roof. Ask many questions and make an informed decision.
  • Do not go straight for the lowest bidder: compare what each roofer is offering, and look out for hidden or extra costs.
  • Make sure that the contractor you choose is licensed by the State of Florida or your county government. To verify if a contractor is licensed, visit or call 850-487-1395
  • Do not consider anything but a written proposal, and ask whether it is an estimate or a bid. An estimate is a roofer's best guess as to what the job will cost. A bid is a fixed amount: the agreed-upon price of the job.
  • Avoid a contractor who requires payment in advance. An established contractor should not require your funds in advance, except for materials that are to be special ordered in advance.
  • Ask the contractor for references. Many contractors have a list of previous customers who are willing to give the contractor a reference.
  • Find out when the job will begin and end. Ask what you can do to get ready. Also find out whether the roofer will clean up when he is finished and how.
  • If you are replacing an existing roof, ask how many layers are up there and whether the roofer will remove the old material. After 3 layers the roofer should strip the roof, check for rot in the wood below, insulate, and then reroof.
  • Most roofing materials are covered by a manufacturer's warranty: ask your roofer what warranty will come with the material you choose.

Our value

  • When you make a contract with Florida's Best Roofing you can depend on quality and professional service.
  • All paperwork for the work permit is signed and all materials and colors are chosen. If needed, one of our representatives will be at your convenience for signing necessary paperwork.
  • Out representative will then apply for a permit from City Hall.
  • Then we determine a starting date at your convenience.
  • On the first day we will back up a dump trailer onto your driveway to throw the unneeded debris straight into it.
  • We will cover all of your landscaping around the house with plastic tarps to protect the bushes, grass, flowers, etc.
  • The existing shingle roof will be stripped to the sheathing.
  • All decayed wood will be replaced.
  • Mineral surfaced roofing will be installed at all valleys.
  • Roofing underlayment will be installed over the clean, sound sheathing.
  • New aluminum drip edge will be installed around the perimeter of the roof.
  • Brand new lead flashing and gooseneck vents will be installed.
  • After approval is given from a building official, we will start installing your shingle, metal, or flat roofing system right away!
  • Once the job is finished we will clean the entire area surrounding the house with a rake and magnet to pick up all of the loose nails.
  • We will request a final roof inspection.